22 Feb 2012

anyone going to reading 2012 this year?

right so i went to the Reading Festival last year in 2011 which was one of the best 5 days of my life. i highly recommend any music lover to just go, and even if you don't enjoy music, go any ways. I remember arriving on the Thursday morning/afternoon i remember setting up the tent and already starting the atrocities to my liver. the three days of music are filled with loud noise; people jumping around and just general hilarity. ultimately it is time for people to let out there true self and just relax rather than be cooped up inside, in the boring mundane life people usually lead. then on the Sunday night everything goes mental, a huge crowd of people storm all the camp-sites and just have a Laugh, and then on the Monday morning, the whole place vanishes. I remember seeing these pop up tents literally flying in the sky as if they where Kites. 

But yeah who's looking forward to reading 2012?

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