27 Feb 2012

Gorillaz - O Green World

this song is an absolute favourite of mine and i have always loved Gorillaz from the very first EP they released in 2000 which i remember my older brother getting and introducing me into them. i have always loved the twist that Gorillaz brought to music scene mixing together beautiful animation and cinematography with even better musical talent. i would personally put Gorillaz in my top 10 bands ever and would strongly advise others to do so also. 

This song came out with the album release of demon days in May 2005 the album reaching number one in the UK charts and number six across the pond in the US charts selling 6 million copies worldwide. 


  1. Loved them since the first album. Their style changes but the quality stay more or less good every time, cool :)

    1. definitely! they never stop amazing me especially with their new song they released a few days ago the video for it is amazing!