22 Feb 2012

Bullet for my Valentine - Hand of Blood

right in my eyes this song is an absolute classic rock/ metal song. definitely worth a listen. i remember hearing this song for the first time and at first being slightly put off by it, what was wrong with me? well i have come to correct my ignorant ways and feel that everyone should look this song up. I remember having a lot of fun with this song, setting it as my mates ringtone, and in the middle of an assembly phoning him. the look of horror on everyone's face in the room was well worth the detention i received for it.  

the songs comes from the coincidently named Hand of Blood album which was the 2nd EP which was released on 22 august 2005 


  1. I completely forgot about BFMV, thanks for reminding me that they exist :)
    Tears don't fall and All these things I hate <3

  2. ARGH, Bullet for my Valentine! I remember listening to their albums when I still had the emo style, man those were the days.