25 Feb 2012

Jai Paul - BTSTU

I first came across this song in a very peculiar manner. I was creating a playlist for a party at my friends house and on the Fb event I put out a message accepting any requests for any songs the usual stuff. then some person who i swear had not been invited managed to comment with this song. the person never showed at the party but we still played this song anyway. From that moment onwards ive enjoyed the psychedelic music originating from this track with the steady beat always making my speakers vibrate the floor. 

This Song by Jai Paul came out on his demo which he set free back in 2007 but only started to receive widespread coverage 3 years later in 2010 and in December 2010 was listed to be part of the BBC sound of 2011 

also wtf with the picture in the youtube video?!?!?!? 

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