28 Feb 2012

Kasabian - Ovary stripe

I have always enjoyed listening to Kasabian, being the last bastion of proper English rock bands. infact the very  album Kasabian was one of the first albums i ever owned. i have always felt that this instrumental track has always been overlooked. i love the repetitiveness of the guitar riff and the subtle undertones the drum makes throughout the song. as well as what the synth strings added in overall making a beautiful  combination for anyone. 

This track was part of the album Kasabian and was the début album for the group. it was released in September 2004 and the album ended up reaching number four in the UK album charts


  1. clearly no one agrees with you, and you call RnB shit...

    1. ultimately music is subjective to the individual listening to it, to me RnB and pop etc sounds shit, their will be the very odd song I may like but the majority of those genre's sound terrible to me and that is my opinion of that.