6 Mar 2012

Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves

i remember the first time i came across Billy talent was ages ago. I remember being around 12 or 13 on a school trip to France. was a terrible terrible trip but the only good thing was that i had my PSP and i remember playing NHL (cant remember the year) and the song Red Flag was part of the soundtrack, as soon as I got back to England i had it looked up and downloaded and have loved the band ever since. If you like this sonf definitely look up this song as well as Red Flag, Rusted from the Rain and Devil on your Shoulder. 

this song was released in 19th November 2006 and was the third single release from the album Billy Talent II. 


  1. The music video had me laughing. Music was catchy as well. I'll have to check them out.

  2. This song is really cool, I like it. :)